Freeport Nautical Mile Art Craft Gift & Beer Fest (Unconfirmed)

Further details will appear on this page in the near future.
We anticipate a summer-long series of Art Craft & Gift Shows every Saturday and Sunday.
We plan on having a genuine Beer Garden in operation on site...
therefore "SHOPS AND HOPS"
Sea Breeze Park is located at the south end of the Nautical Mile (Woodcleft Ave)
Vendors will be located on the park grounds grass and will be able to leave their set ups overnight from Saturday to Sunday.
Vendors will be allowed to sell from 2pm-10pm so that they can be in business during the peak hours when there are thousands upon thousands of people on the Nautical Mile.
The Freeport Boardwalk is part of Sea Breeze Park and offers spectacular  world class sunset views.
A typical sunset as see from the Boardwalk at Sea Breeze Park.